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Kevin 'The Ref
82 Beechwood Ave.
Watertown, Massachusetts 02472
Tel: 781-316-5220

Upcoming ABC Recognized MMA Judge Training Course Saturday, January 18th, 2014 to be held in Canastota, NY at the Days Inn Hotel and Conference Center. 377 North Peterboro St. Canastota, NY 13032

Course Times 11:00am - 4:30pm


"My name is Kevin MacDonald and I have served the Mixed Martial Arts Community for over 13 years first as a fighter and currently as a referee. It is my goal to bring MMA officiating to the highest level. Recently I was honored by the Association of Boxing Commissions as one of just 6 referees to earn the title of MMA Officials Trainer. With more than 1300 bouts officiated, I wish to bring my experience and love for the sport to those who share my love of Mixed Martial Arts and wish to further its growth."


MMA is a relatively new sport and it is constantly changing. As the sport evolves, as must the officials. Years ago, the MMA referees' job was mostly about making sure that a bout was halted once there was a tapout or unconsciousness. While fighter safety remains paramount, MMA has evolved from two combatants fighting into one of the largest spectator sports involving some of the worlds most elite athletes. MMA is now a multimillion dollar industry where a split second decision by a referee can affect not just one persons record, but real salaries and careers of many. Referees now must understand the differences between officiating amateur and professional bouts, point deductions, standups, stalemates, and the ever controversial "Referee Stops Contest" due to strikes.

Quality officials must continually educate and evaluate themselves to make sure that they are at the top of their game. A top level MMA referee can, and should, learn something every time he or she steps into the cage. In addition, MMA officials should watch how their fellow officials perform their duties to gain valuable insight.

I wish this site to be a resource for any and all legitimate training sessions for MMA officials to be advertised, respectful critiques, and as a place where questions can be answered or asked. It is only by communicating and striving to get better that we, who work so hard for the sport we love, can become the best we can be.

Kevin "The Ref" MacDonald